Supporter Membership to MOAND

Not a Missouri Resident but would like to be a part of MOAND? 

Become a MOAND Supporter Member Today! 

Supporter membership status in MOAND is available to any Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics member who have chosen a different state as their primary affiliate.  A Supporter Membership with MOAND allows the Academy member access to most MOAND benefits including all MOAND communications, The MOAND Monthly Newsletter, Listserv, and member rates for continuing education events.   


  • Supporter members are not eligible to hold elected or appointed positions on the MOAND Executive Board but may serve on committees.
  • Membership fees (renewed annually) are:
    • $15 student or retired Academy member
    • $40 active Academy member
    • Membership fees are non-refundable.
If interested in becoming a MOAND Supporter Member contact the MOAND Executive Director at