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To be the advocate of the dietetics profession serving the public through thepromotion of optimal nutrition, health, and wellbeing.

Meet the SW Region Committee 2020-2021

  • Event Coordinator: Mesha Cowan 
  • Social Media Chair: Sarah Waterman 
  • National Nutrition Month Chair: Jordan Mize Joplin 
  • Area Representative: Whitney Kitchell 
  • Osage Beach Area Representative: Wendy Castle 
  • Cox Intern Representative: Phil Parkins 
  • MSU Intern Representative: Amanda Boswell 
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Vernon, Saint Clair, Hickory, Camden, Pulaski, Barton, Cedar, Polk, Dallas, Laclede, Jasper, Dade, Greene, Webster, Wright, Newton, Lawrence, Christian, Douglas, McDonald, Barry, Stone, Taney, Ozark

November Journal Club Meeting Recording: Access Passcode: rdnjclub2020!

Resource Spotlight:

Siggi's has a ton of wonderful resources for health and wellness professionals created by a registered dietitian! You can also join their wellness ambassador program to receive coupons, perks, and more! They even have a stipend for educational events featuring their products! Find out more here:


Southwest Region Preceptor Spotlight:

The Southwest region planning committee would like to congratulate Jaci Woods for her nomination to be highlighted for preceptor spotlight of the month!

Here is what Amanda Boswell, dietetic intern at Missouri State University, had to say about Jaci: "I chose to nominate Jaci Woods because of her unique and progressive view of dietetics. As a first-year RD, she accepted a big job (4 hospitals), which she does with grace and without complaining, despite the many hours of travel per week. I also admire her bravery in moving to a small, rural town and embracing the rural lifestyle- she literally bought a fully functioning farm with piglets, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and honeybees! It is so beautiful, and I think it helps her relate to the lifestyle of her rural patients. She inspired me to be more mindful about food waste and buying local food. Jaci is passionate about doing her own research, especially about ketogenic and low-carb diets. She is a talented and genuine counselor, and an insightful and patient preceptor. The highlight of my time with her was touring the farm. She will continue to inspire diversity and progression in the dietetics profession! "

Q and A with Jaci Woods RDN, LD

How long have you been a dietitian and what is your area of focus in dietetics?

I have been a dietitian for 1 year and I focus on clinical dietetics for inpatient and outpatient services in rural communities. What inspired you to become a dietitian? I want to help people manage chronic diseases with practical and sustainable food interventions. What is your favorite part of precepting interns? My favorite part of precepting is giving interns the opportunity to apply what they have learned in school. I encourage them that they are the expert and that they have a great wealth of knowledge that can change lives.

What is one piece of advice you would give to incoming dietitians?

Always be on the look out for new research because we owe it to our clients to give them the best and most up to date information we can find. What would you like MOAND members to know about you? I am a clinical dietitian that left the city to start a regenerative farm in my spare time. I currently raise ducks, pigs, sheep, turkeys, and chickens. In the future I hope to start a private practice, grow organic produce and more humanely raised animals to provide to those in my community. I am passionate about sustainability and believe farming with a variety of plants and animals is the future of agriculture.

If you were a spice or an herb, what would you be and why?

I would be basil because it is a beautiful plant and smells amazing.