Incident Reporting Tool


Thank you for taking the time to protect the public and enhance the quality of care by reporting either:
(1) an incident of harm or
(2) a success story documenting the value of dietetics and nutrition practice.


The public and health care professionals both benefit from having a complete and accurate picture of the nature of the risk caused by unqualified and unlicensed providers. At the same time, increasing awareness of the value of quality RDN-provided services advances the profession and enables recognition of effective, superior practice. Whether you are using this Incident Reporting Tool as a consumer or as a health care provider, your efforts are critical in ensuring the public is provided excellent care and that service delivery is documented to ensure high standards of professional practice in the future. Likewise reporting excellence in care is essential in assuring the services delivered are documented for future standards of professional practice.

Click HERE to access the Academy's Incident Reporting Tool