Missouri Licensure

What are the Dietetic Licensure Laws in Missouri?

Missouri has licensure defined as a practice act. This type of licensure defines the legal scope of practice of a Licensed Dietitian in Missouri. It means that if another individual who is not licensed calls themselves a “dietitian” they would be breaching our licensure law.   It also provides that if an individual provides services that are defined in the “scope of practice” without a license they may be in violation.  If you are unsure of whether a licensure law may have been breached, please contact your Consumer Protection Coordinator (CPC).

Why is Dietetic Licensure so Important?

Registered dietitians are the trusted nutrition professionals.   Licensure enables patients, consumers, and insurers to trust that only qualified individuals are practicing dietetics. Licensure also ensures that qualified individuals are delivering safe, effective medical nutrition therapy. Earning and keeping the trust, while keeping our patients and consumers safe, is of utmost importance.  Please report any questionable practice to protect our patients or consumers and our profession.

Have Questions?

The Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has you covered if you have any questions regarding Registered Dietitian licensure or scope of practice questions. Your Missouri Consumer Protection Coordinator (CPC) will act as a liaison between you and the State Committee of Dietitians. The contact information for your CPC is below:

Kalli Castille, MS, RD, LD, FAND

Email: kalli.castille@gmail.com

If you would like to file a complaint or contact the Missouri State Committee of Dietitians their information is as follows:

Missouri State Committee of Dietitians

3605 Missouri Boulevard P.O. Box 1335 Jefferson City, MO

Email: diet@pr.mo.gov

Phone: 573.522.3438

Fax: 573.526.3489


Let’s protect the public and profession through supporting proper licensure for practicing nutrition professionals.