Legislative Day


Save the date for Legislative Day 2020: April 15, 2020

Your involvement is more important than ever as we are once again experiencing a challenge to the language of our licensure law. A new law has been introduced that would allow anyone regardless of training to practice individualized nutrition assessment. The Public Policy committee is looking for MOAND members who live in the district of the members of both the house and senate Professional Registration and Licensure committee who are willing to make calls or write letters or possibly testify at a house hearing.

The members of the house committee are Chairman Rep Robert Ross, Rep Steve Helms, Rep Jon Carpenter, Rep Richard Brown, Rep Jeff Coleman, Rep Chris Dinkins, Rep Derek Grier, (he is the sponsor of the bill so we really need a few folks who live in his district) Rep Jim Neely, Rep Jeff Porter, Rep Lane Roberts, Rep Jeff Shawman, Rep Christy Sommer, and Rep Barbara Washington . The senate members are chairwoman Senator Jeanie Riddle, Senator Eric Burlison, Senator Lauren Arthur, Senator Mike Cunningham, Senator David Slater, Senator Scott Sifton and Senator Paul Weiland.

If you don't know who your legislators are, use this link https://openstates.org to look them up. If you are willing to help in any capacity please send an email to either spr@eatrightmo.org or ppc@eatrightmo.org

If you would like to follow the progress of this proposed legislation, go to this link https://house.mo.gov/Bill.aspx?bill=HB2000&year=2020&code=R


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