Get a NPI Number

Attention all Dietitians - Get a NPI Number NOW!!!

(NPI = National Provider Identifier)

Did you know legislative authorities vote for or against nutrition policies refer to the NPI registry to determine how many dietitians would be affected by his/her decisions.  Even if you do not bill for nutrition services, it is vitally important for EACH AND EVERY RD/RDN obtain an NPI number to let the nation know who you (we) are as an individual practitioner and as a collective group!


How to apply for an NPI

Individual Providers:

As an Individual Provider, you may only have a single NPI, which will be associated with your unique, individual information. Once you login to NPPES, you will be able to complete your NPI application.

  1. Create a Login through the Identity & Access Management System (I&A).

  2. Login to NPPES with your I&A Username and password.

  3. Complete the NPI application. Estimated time to complete the NPI application form is 20 minutes.

Please, please, please, take 20 minutes of your time to get an NPI # to support those RDs taking hours/days of time to  meet with elected officials fighting for our nutrition policies and our future!