Executive Committee


The Nominating Committee is happy to announce the winners of the 2023 MOAND Board election. Congratulations to our newest Board members who will be joining us beginning on June 1st!

President-elect: Takako Tagami
Secretary: Kristy Taylor
Delegate-elect: Wendy Castle
Northwest Regional Director: Kelli Wilmes
Southwest Regional Director: Hillary Roberts
Nominating Committee Chair-elect: Debra Schumer
Nominating Committee: Melissa Ramel

We still have some appointed positions open, so if you are interested in getting involved on the MOAND board please reach out to a member of the Nominating Committee or fill out this form to nominate yourself or a colleague.

2022-2023 Board of Directors & Executive Committee 

President: Joel Ramdial

President-Elect: Lorie Bourne

Secretary: Kristy Taylor

Treasurer: Charlotte Cervantes

Past President: Rebecca McConville

Delegate: Punita Choudhary

Delegate Elect: Vacant

Annual Conference Chair: Rebecca McConville

Public Policy Coordinator (PPC): Carmen Berry 

State Policy Representative (SPR): Laka Huyette

State Policy Representative Elect (SPR): LeAnn M. Robley

State Reimbursement Representative (SRR): Deanne Marselle 

State Regulatory Specialist (SRS): Connie Diekman 

Consumer Protection Coordinator (CPC): Beth Piper

Public Policy Coordinator Elect: Vacant

Fundraising Chair: Daniel Ticona

Awards Chair: Sarah Eber

Social Media Coordinator: Vacant

Affiliate Student Member Representative: Vacant

Region Directors

Northeast: Jessica C. Mackey

Northwest: Priscilla Schmid

Southeast: Lea A. Lambert

Southwest: Wendy Castle

District President

St. Louis District: Mary Beth Ohlms

Executive Director

Rachel Kelleher

Legislative Consultant

Brenda Roling