Regions and District

Districts to Regions Transition

On September 17, 2018, after surveying the membership and engaging in consultation with district leadership for many months, the MOAND Board voted in favor of shifting from a district model to a regional model. The Board feels that a regional model will benefit more of our 1400+ members than the district model currently does. After gathering input from current district leaders and members, the Board voted on November 12, 2018, to approve a four-region structure, which will consist of the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast regions. The Board feels that the shift to regions will allow MOAND to build on its rich history by providing members with valuable benefits in new ways and we look forward to the future of our organization with optimism and enthusiasm. MOAND is dedicated to making this a smooth and successful transition for our members and as we move forward we will continue to share progress reports here and through the monthly e-newsletter.


Please submit any questions or concerns you have regarding this change  HERE


Regional Map