Greater Compensation for RDs - Dipping Your Toes in Private Practice

Thursday, January 28, 2021 

One of the drawbacks of the dietetics profession is lower compensations compared to other health professionals with a similar level of education. However, RDs in private practice tend to experience higher income levels. In this webinar you'll learn where to start in growing a successful private practice, how to get credentialed with major health insurance carriers, and what the reimbursement process entails.

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Jennifer Lyman is founded her private practice, New Leaf Nutrition in St. .Louis, Missouri. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia and became an RD in 2014. Since then she has worked in the hospital setting, an eating disorder treatment facility, a bariatric surgical center, and now for herself. She used greater marketing tips and health insurances resources to grow her private practice successfully in a relatively short period of time. Deanne Marsalle is Director of Implementation at Pritikin CR and has served on the MOAND public policy team for several years as Reimbursement Representative. Deanna has a wealth of knowledge regarding how the reimbursement process creates opportunities for RDs. She has served on the MOAND board for years and previously on the St. Louis board with a longstanding commitment to advancing the dietetics profession.

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