CPE Approval

The Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (MOAND) approves continuing educational programs held within any Missouri State County based on the program presenter’s credentials, program content and length. MOAND does not approve multi-state programs, group study programs or self-study programs. One (1) continuing professional education (CPE) hour is given per hour of presentation, interactive discussion, poster review and Exhibitor contact. 

All materials must be submitted at least one month prior to the event.


Steps to Apply for Continuing Education Approval:

1. Submit one signed copy of the Continuing Education Prior Approval Request Form.

2. Submit one copy of the Timed Agenda and Printed Program/Brochure with the following information:

a. Specific timeline for registration, introduction, welcomes, coffee/meal breaks and discussions. An activity must be at

least one hour to qualify for CPE hours. After the first hour, half-hour segments may be approved. Fractions of a half

hour are rounded up at 16 minutes and down at 15 minutes.

b. Information regarding the target audience.

c. Qualifications of speaker(s) on topic(s) presented.

3. Make payment.

Payment by check made payable to MOAND can be mailed to: MOAND, PO Box 1225, Jefferson City, MO 65102.


1-3 CPE Hours - $20.00

4-6 CPE Hours - $40.00

7-9 CPE Hours - $60.00

10-12 CPE Hours – $80.00

13-15 CPE Hours - $100.00

16-18 CPE Hours - $120.00

19-21 CPE Hours - $140.00

22-24 CPE Hours - $160.00

25-27CPE Hours - $180.00

28+ CPE Hours - $200.00

Steps to follow once your program has been approved:

1. Provide a Certificate of Attendance to all attendees. A Certificate of Attendance must include:

a. Program title

b. Program provider with contact information

c. Date and location

d. Number and level of approved CPE hours

2. Maintain a documented attendance list for seven (7) years should the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)

need to verify attendance during a CPE verification audit.

3. Maintain the signed Prior Approval Request Form showing approval by MOAND for (7) years. This document will be

sent to you once your program has been approved.


Forward additional inquires to Carrie Mark at moand@eatrightmissouri.org